Leigh Talks: What do I think of S9

S9 was the second chance series for Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman to improve minor mistakes made in S8 and I wasn’t disappointed as they did much better.

Peter performance is amazing and they try to make him lighter than S9 but keep bits of his dark personality. He never makes a mistake this series and his performance in Heaven Sent is his best overall and no matter how many think it’s  boring, it’s going to stay in my and many Peter fans heart. Hell Bent is debatable but I kind of get how he feels and they are able to save it from being a disaster to a perfect solution.

Clara disappointed me a bit in S8 and that was not a good thing as she is a favourite of mine. Luckily, she redeemed herself this series and I think fixing her attitude and no Danny Pink gave her a new lease of life. Jenna definitely is the comeback queen and people who don’t like will probably not understand that this girl is much better than she was in S8 and we release that Clara being there is helping the Doctor improve his manners and why didn’t she do this in S8. That was a BIG MISTAKE!

Just like last time, the recurring character causes a debate. Maisie Williams played Ashildir starts of  as a kind human then they made her a immortal who had a bad and rebellious attitude and that is what causes me to dislike an episode however, she is still like this in her 3rd appearance in Face The Raven but that is not a major problem as builds up part of the plot to Heaven Sent and returns in Hell Bent and finishes on a high. Maisie did a great job even though I am harsh on her character.

The hybrid was the story arc and I think this should have been much better as it didn’t work in my opinion. I just remember certain bits and that makes it less memorable as Moffat is much better than that. I do think this will be a triumph for people who loved it and understand it but this one isn’t for me.

Series 9 episodes were mixed as episodes 6 to 9 just annoyed me and that is what I don’t want especially when it’s your favourite Doctor and show that it can be ranked down. They di have some good moments though, an example is the scene with 12 and Clara in The Woman Who Lived show a great friendship. The episodes that were the best were aunder The Lake/Before The Flood, Face The Raven and Heaven Sent which shows that there were less episodes than S8 which were great and the same situation in S10 wit only two good episodes and some great near misses.

A highlight of this series has to be the finale. I feel their emotions and Peter and Jenna leave their best performances till their last 3 episodes together. Sad music, great lines make me feel for their characters and I miss these two and they did deserve better episodes but here is the scene they say goodbye in Face The Raven.

Things I would improve:

1. Change things around in episode 6 to 8 so Clara didn’t have to be less involved or be a damsel.

2. Made The Time Lords less annoying

3. Made The Hybrid a better story arc

Finally, don’t forget this amazing moment!