Deep Breath Review

Peter Capaldi began his tenure with Deep Breath. This was a post regenerative story where the Doctor and Clara Oswald crash in Victorian London via dinosaur and the Doctor now Scottish acts strangely and join forces with the Paternoster Gang to investigate the disappearance of people which are cause by Clockwise Robots. 

Peter and Jenna start the series strongly and there are 3 moments in this series where I am not happy with how Clara is written but you have to look back at how scared she is in Deep Breath. The scenes near the end of the episode are probably my highlights of the episode. 

Nice to see Matt Smith get a little appearance and this helpanua understands thet Clara certainly needs help accepting his successor which as respect and understand throughout S8 but constantly am not happy with her attitude but this scene is magical and we learned that our new Doctor doesn’t like hugs!

The clockwork thing really creeped me out but it did its job but I do think it was odd choice because even though this better than last time we had them on but I prefer the design last time but its just too good.

I do think not knowing if the Doctor did push the half faced clockwork man it’s better that we don’t know but I would have loved a better explanation as we got 12’s close up after we saw the half faced clockwork man but no matter what happened even if he did, he would had his reasons.

Another controversial issue was the kiss of Vastra and Jenny. I am ok with LGTB but am uncomfortable when they kiss, same when it happened in The Doctor Falls but it’s important to show it but maybe not as a kiss but it was cut out of several countries which I do respect it but am unsure if it as needed here.

Strax is my favourite guest star of this episode as every single time, he never fails to are me laugh and he is used to greatness and once again has moments that I can’t stop laughing at.

Michelle Gomez makes her debut here as Missy and starts off strongely and I think its important that you do something great her to get the viewers intrigued throughout the series and this probably one of Moffat’s greatest kept secrets.

Third is good opener but its not as strong as some of the past openers but still a great episode to watch 

Score: 10/10