Adventures of Leigh C and friends The Boys From Dwarf – International Cat Day Edition

The Doctor and Leigh land on Red Dwarf where they meet the 4 members of the Red Dwarf posse but the adventure is only going to begin for two of them.

Episode 2 – The Boys from Dwarf

Red Dwarf was a JMC Mining ship with loads of employees but several million years, Senior Technician Arnold Rimmer failed to repair a faulty piece of equipment which lead to a leak that killed himself and the crew but one survived, his roommate Dave Lister was in Stasis for failed to hand over Frankenstein, his pregnant cat who survived and gave birth to kittens with only one of her species remained who is now called The Cat. Rimmer was brought back a a hologram and now hard-light. Also, there is a mechanoid named Kryten who is also a sole survivor of the Nova 5 crash that he accidentally caused. All four men are in the science room where they often debrief or find out about herby ships, bases or planets. Suddenly,  Kryten spots a spot on the map. The Mechanoid cried, “Mr Lister, there is a spaceship outside.” Lister spotted it and said “Open up a communications channel!”

In the TARDIS, Leigh hears the phone and hesitates. “You have a go Leigh, that might be them,” the Doctor replies. Leigh picked up the phone and said, “Hello, this Leigh speaking.” On the ship, the boys including Rimmer who wore a blue outfit with his name on a badge and H in his head indicating his is a hologram, were getting excited. Lister asks Leigh, “Are you a female?” The Cat in his black sequinned suit is getting a bit too excited. Leigh answered with excitement, “Yeah, I am from a Earth in the past, earlier 21st Century. I am with a Time lord called the Doctor. It’s his time machine called the TARDIS. We are here cause I want to meet you guys.” The Cat was mad and was talking  gibberish. “Come aboard and land your ship into the docking bay and Kryten will meet you. See you soon,” Lister shouted over the Cat’s loud noise. Lister thought he should get into his tailcoat.

Kryten saw The a TARDIS materialise on board. He saw the Doctor and Leigh leave the ship and greeted them with, “ Good afternoon Sir and Ma’am. Follow me!” The two travellers followed Kryten to meet the others. “So there is only 4 of you then, Leigh told me about you as I have never heard of you,” The Doctor kindly asked as Leigh nodded in agreement, “Yeah, but it’s good and we worked well as a team,”replied Kryten. Leigh spoke with reasonable voice, “That is good! Me and the Doctor haven’t known each other for long but he is the gentleman.” 

The trio arrived in the science room where the Cat was excited at the prospect of seeing a human. He said, “Woooooow! A date!” Leigh was shocked but happy to see a man have interest in her. “Rimmer, Cat and where is the last human?” asked the Doctor . Suddenly a man with braids in his hair in a ponytail dressed in a tailcoat showed up. This was Lister!  He said, “Wow, you are human!” He held his hand out and Leigh took it. “This is just temporary, I wear clothes similar to you, I am working class,” the girl said. The Cat was attracted so much he fainted. Lister was embarrassed. He then switched conversation to the Doctor who he asked, “So are you and Leigh together as friends?” The Doctor nodded and saw Kryten pick up the feline of the floor. “Nice ship, so an accident wiped out the crew,” the Doctor asked. Rimmer was silent. “Mr Lister was in stasis and Mr Rimmer accidentally did something wrong that end up in disaster,” said Kryten, “So he was brought back as a hologram.” The Cat had woken and Leigh walked to his side and gave him a humany hug. Whilst hugging, the Cat exclaimed, “Human thingy! Love this girl!” Suddenly Kryten noticed something on the screen. He asked the Doctor, “What is going in the engine room?” The Cat clutched to Leigh who clutched him back. The Doctor suddenly barked out orders, “Right, Leigh stay with Lister and Cat whilst me, Rimmer and Kryten check the ship, I have a feeling we might have trouble.” Leigh nodded in agreement whilst the three boys ran to the engine run. Lister went to Leigh and offered his arm which she hooked through his and said, “ May I take you for a walk with the Cat.” The Cat stood to attention and started going crazy again and was talking nonsense. Leigh replied, “Yeah, Lister, I would like a little guided tour with you! Come along Cat!” 

Along the corridor, Leigh was arm in arm with Lister with Cat behind them preening as usual. The feline asked the girl hooked onto Lister’s arm, “So budbabe, fancy a string game later?” Leigh shrugged a maybe which put a smile on the Cat’s face. Lister led his new friend to the bunk room. He said, “This is where me and Rimmer sleep.” Leigh saw a food table, kitchenette, sofa, tv and the two bunks behind where the two roomies slept. Rimmer slept in the bottom while Lister slept on the top. Leigh let go of Lister’s arm and walked towards the sofa where she sat down. Leigh said to the boys, “Great TV, love it!” Lister smiles as he and the Cat sat next her on both sides, Lister on the right of Leigh whilst the Cat sat on the left.  “So bud babe, the old dude your friend then? He looks quite great for his age,” The Cat said. Leigh was thinking. She replied to the Cat, “He is my friend, he is from a different planet and a different species like yourself and Kryten.” Lister was interested as Leigh continued her explanation.

A hour later after leaving the others, Rimmer, The Doctor and Kryten arrived back in the Science room. Kryten looks around to look for the Cat, Leigh and Lister who have left minutes after they did and says, “Miss Leigh must have gone with Mr Lister and the Cat to the bunk Room!” The Doctor wonders if Leigh is behaving herself and those boys are not troublemakers. “Now what?” asked Rimmer who was helpless. Kryten looks at their guest. The Doctor answered, “Check everything on the scanner as we don’t want to miss anything.” The 3 men checked every scanner with nothing getting left out. All shouted, “CLEAR!” The were relieved to sort it out. Rimmer was trying to do his salute. “Let’s find the others,’ shouted Kryten to get Rimmer’s attention who zoomed back into his time.

Leigh was excited to be sharing Lister’s bed with him and The Cat. “Doctor, are we ok?” she said as the Doctor, Rimmer and Kryten returned to them. The Doctor replied, “There is nothing wrong wit the ship. It’s safe!” Leigh ran to hug the Doctor who hugged her back and were joined by Lister and Cat. 

Hours later, Leigh found Lister in the corridor and asked, “Lister, me and the Doctor are about to leave and we were wondering if you and the Cat would join us? Rimmer politely said no but is going to one day!” Lister thought about the ups and down. He replied, “I would love to! Let’s go get Cat!” Leigh smiled proudly as she grabbed Lister’s hand and ran to ask Cat.

The Doctor was waiting in the engine room wine Leigh brought back Lister and Cat who had said yes and they just said goodbye to Kryten and Rimmer. “The Cat asked, “What is it that box?” Lister groaned at his best mate who asked one of his usual questions. The Doctor explained to Cat and Lister, “The TARDIS, Time and relative dimensions in space. This is a time machine that can travel anyway in space and time,” The Doctor walked over to the TARDIS doors and then turned to face Lister and The Cat and the boys while opining the door and said to them, “Welcome to your new home!” Lister and The Cat walked in first, followed by Leigh and finally the Doctor Who closed both of the doors. The Cat was excited and Lister was happy as the ship definitely looked like Red Dwarf and be said, “Bigger On The Inside!” The Doctor nodded and closed the Doors behind then and ran to the control panel. Cat looked at his reflection and also loved the ship as it was reflective and had mirrors. “Are we ready?” The Doctor asked, holding the lever. His three friends said, “Yes, Doctor!” The Doctor smiled and released the lever downwards and the TARDIS began her engines as The Cat grabbed onto Leigh. he asked, “Is it going to be a bumpy trip?” Leigh nodded as she began operating the controls herself as the TARDIS dematerialised off Red Dwarf. The Cat and Lister’s adventures had begun.

Next Episode: Gorgon Evolution

Dave Lister chooses his first destination where he and Leigh are in danger when the alien on the planet want to transform humans into them but this race isn’t easy to deal with as if you into their eyes, they can turn you to stone.

Author: Leigh Craddock