Leigh Talks – What I think of S12 so far and what can it do to improve

Halfway through S12 and just like S11, I am going to chat about how well it’s doing and what thing they can do to make the second half better.

I love Jodie Whittaker so much and she not here to rest, she is here to slay and give us drama and at the moment, I can feel the emotions from her and she is giving me life already. I just think she us a star. Is she going to give me more drama and excellent performances. OF COURSE SHE IS AND SHE IS NOT GIVING IT UP! TEAM JODIE!

Braldey Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill have also stepped up and this where the things going to get crazy and I am here for it. Graham is a legend from the laser shoes to the voice of reassurance. Ryan also being the voice of reassurance and is looking like he is attracting the ladies which makes me like feel for him. Go on Ryan. Yaz is losing her temper now with the Docor’s attitude and I am here for it and being a team player. I will say, “YAZ IS IMPORTANT, OK?”

This series so far has been history making in nit only the cast but the crew. The show has diversity and I am proud and its not POLITICALLY CORRECT, OK? I will now list these important recurring and guest cast and crew.

Sacha Dhawan – The Master

Jo Martin – The Doctor

Nida Manzoor – Director (Nikola Tesla’s Night Of Terror and Fugitive Of The Judoon)

Vinay Patel – Writer (Fugitive of the Judoon

Still to come, we have

Charlene James – Writer (Can you hear me)

Joana Borja – Gabriela Camera

Gabriela Toloi – Jamila Velez

And more presumably but his is a good move & I feel we need it no matter what.

I think the additions of Sacha Dhawan and Jo Martin make it more interesting and their advantage is their character arc’s so if they return, I think there is something good and epic is on the way and I am ready.

John Barrowman is back an I am here for it. Still the same Jack as we know him but what is he warning, “Beware The Lone Cybermen.”

I have loved all 5 episodes and they are so good and the historical characters are relatable to me and I love that and I have not that had that before and that is a good sign.

The Timeless Child is starting to come to light and we know now the Mater destroyed Gallifrey cause of the truth and I think Doctor is not very happy with this and I am for it. It won’t finish this series but I don’t mind, gives Jodie’s Doctor a purpose.

Here is the thing I want to see be improved and it’s only just one this time

The series actually share the promised Yaz story arc because this is important and if this doesn’t, this won’t help people love Yaz at all and I don’t like that. Please Chibnall, give Yaz the story she deserves and prove the doubters wrong!

I hope you enjoyed this and BRING ON S12 Part 2