Why I love Amy Pond – Birthday tribute to Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan is a favourite of mine and so for her 30th Birthday, I thought I would explain what makes me love Amy Pond.



From Day 1, Amy constantly  wore short skirts which caused comedic incidents like the mini episode where Rory cause a problem. Makes me laugh.



Different countries showed a different side to both but were tough and Karen and Arthur’s chemistry showed that they were meant to be together. Whenever she or Rory were in danger, they would worry about each other and she followed Rory when he was sent back on time by a Weeping Angel which caused a certain someone to be a wimp and stop travelling.

Being a mom to a complicated person

Yes, she is River Song’s mum and if you watch Series 6, you will find out what happened to Amy and River but they both got out OK and Amy showed her protective side as she got rid of the person that had her and River taken away in the first place once they were free (Parellel timeline) River cared about Amy more especially in the early days so yeah  we never knew that either.

Lessons in travelling and strength

She loved her travels and was one of the strongest people with the experience to help her teach Rory. She also attempted to fight Pirates to and was willing to shoot a she nearly killed her daughter twice.


She once led Queen Nefertiti and John Riddell in the dinosaur episode and to tell them off more than one occasion, she also helped Riddell put Dinosaurs to sleep.

Amy Pond is awesome!

Happy Birthday Karen!