What should you watch before S11-Part 1-S1 and S2

Welcome to my new series which was inspired by Epic Who’s Tom Dix who recently did a top 10 of episodes that he thinks you should watch so I thought that I would do a series of 6 parts where I choose 6 episodes each part which will show from rom each series in Parts 1 to 5 and part 6 will combine the Christmas and others specials.

Series 1 (9th Doctor)

This is the first episode of the revival series and it starts on 2005 where we met Billie Piper’s character Rose Tyler who ends up in danger after being told to go underground and is saved by this mysterious man called the Doctor Who. At the time was played by Christopher Eccleston in his first appearance on the show. She then goes on to find out more and ends up in more trouble but saves the day in a special way. The reason that you should watch this episode is that it reintroduces the franchise and brings in a classic villain which is the Nestene consciousness and the Autons from the Third Doctors and makes you like the regulars. This also won new fans so this a great episode for introducing new characters.

The Unquiet Dead
The first historical of revival who is set in 1869 where the team meet Charles Dickens by the legendary Simon Callow and investigate Mr Sneed Who has been having problems with his dead bodies who come back to life and it all ends in disaster but the team are available to save the day thanks to Charles Dickens. The reason that you should watch this episode is that it is how Rose experience the past and why she has that caring side and the Doctor doesn’t always make good decisions. You also see the appearance of Eve Myles as Gwnyeth who would male become the star of Torchwood as Gwen Cooper so you get a chance to see her have a go at a guest role.

The first revival episode to feature the Daleks and there is only one known as Metaltron who is Henry Van Statten’s pet. You would think they can’t do much damage but no. Rose compassion ends up making it dangerous when she accidentally frees the creature who goes on the kill. The reason that you should watch this episode is that it shows the Doctor’s dangerous side as he threatens to kill the Dalek but it also shows he listens to Rose who cares for it who survives the killing blow due to giving the Dalek her DNA after missing the door. This episode introduced the short lived companion Adam it hell played by Bruno Langley as in the next episode, he interferes with the future and the Doctor sends him home with his chip he got installed in the future. Even though it’s not explained in this series, this is another episode I would recommend you watch as companions are not the best sometimes.

Series 2 (10th Doctor)

School Reunion
This episode saw 2 of the most loved companions return, Sarah Jane Smith and K9. These two met after the Doctor have Sarah Jane a present. These two cross paths when they both investigating a secondary school who are being run by Aliens wanting to crack the Skasis Paradigm and use the Children . Mickey Smith played by Noel Clarke starts to rise and impress with his action skills. K9 gives his life to save the school but Sarah Jane receives a new one at the end. The reason that you should watch this episode is that it shows Rose understand that she is not the only one to travel and foreshadowing the ending when the Doctor tells Rose that one day she will leave him and her jealousy.

Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel
This saw the return of the Cybermen but these are from a parallel universe which we all know as Pete’s World as it’s the Pete Tyler is alive. The trio crash land on a parallel universe and are suck until the Doctor devises a plan but are soon involved in dealing with the Cybermen including a parallel Jackie who was converted and Mickey and Jake Simmonds hack into the Cybus systems and wipe out the Cybermen emotional inhibitors. Mickey remains in Pete’s world until two years later. The reason that you should watch this episode is that it shows how life would be like in a different universe and reflects on how lucky we are to be on this universe and to learn what has become of Pete Tyler.

Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
This saw another enemy duel between the Cyberman and Daleks. Cybermen travel through the void by pretending to be dead relatives until launching their attack but the Daleks emerge from the Sphere in another room in Torchwood Tower and a Cybermen think they are winning until Mickey Smith who has infiltrated Torchwood accidentally touches the Genesis Ark and frees millions of Daleks but the Doctor and Rose close the breach nearly costing Rose’s life until the parallel version saves her and brings her into his world before the Void closes devastating both sides. They say goodbye weeks later and depart in tears where the Doctor received a surprise. Both aliens return and how they do are explained in detail. The reason that you should watch this episode is that it’s the first companion departure and it will affect some people as Rose was a popular character and a alien war between two popular Doctor Who aliens and Yvonne Hartman fate unless you have seen Torchwood aliens among us on Big Finish and are a fan of their work.

That is Part 1, see you for Part 2 where it’s time for Martha and Donna!