Mummy In The Orient Express Review

Time to ask the simple question “Are you my mummy?”


Before you ask, this isn’t the review of the S1 two parter, it’s Mummy on the Orient Express.

Quick Recap, after a disappointing episode the week before,the two buddies had a falling out (BLAME CLARA GUYS!) and now she wants to finish on a last hurrah!

This was a better start than last time as I really felt both of them knew that they friendship had lost its spark. The way I see it, the Doctor wanted to behave himself so we saw him act like a gentleman (YAY!) From helpings her out to offering his arm (see the Facebook page for the arm linking we never saw), what more can you love about 12? (I would give him 10/10)

Also on this scene, we see Foxes who  is a singer (Not a fox!) on the train and sings Queen in a jazz format. I have only listened to the instrumental version in full and the bit when she is on the train and love it, if I entered a gymnastic competion, this would be my floor or a dance competition .


Right, back to this now. The other scene that is class is the scene where the duo are sitting at the window and Clara explains that she would never hate him. Has she changed her ways? They are rudely interrupted by Maisie (What has gotten in to her?) the relative of Mrs Pitt (played by Janet Henfrey who played the unfortunate Mrs Hardraker in Curse Of Fenric) who calls them liars and are saved by Captain Quell who explains the death count.  they have that chat in the hall way where the Doctor is confused but they toast their last hurrah.

The Last Hurrah?

Quick fast forward, the duo split it up where Clara gets locked with Maisie and the Doctor teams up with Perkins (played by the lovely and amazing Whovian Frank Skinner). They later discover after a little altercation with  Quell who nearly gets the wrong man that Gus has done this and after several deaths including their ally Professor Moorhouse and of course Captain Quell, The Doctor summons the next victim Maisie after convincing Clara who is mad but after all that she shouldn’t be mad as Maisie is free and the Doctor defeats the Mummy. Gus attempts to kill everyone 😡🤢 but luckily 😇 the Doctor saves everyone left.

Clara wakes up and discovers the Doctor was pretending to be heartless to defeat Gus and realise that she has been wrong all the time. In a turn of events, Perkins declines the offer to join the Doctor however Clara changes her mind and lies to Danny Pink (YEAH!) by rejoining the Doctor who  she also lies to. Another stand out the scene.

Clara is back!

This episode just make you realise that the Doctor is still good despite him going the wrong way recently and Peter is now the Doctor! (WHAT HAS TAKEN SO LONG.)

My favourite episode at the moment!

Score: 10/10