Leigh’s Rankings (MAY 2020 Edition) – Top 5 Revival Cliffhangers

This time, I will share my top 5 favourite cliffhangers of the revival series.

5. A Dalek Hybrid (Daleks In Manhattan)

Creepy but well written to take a risk with the Daleks

I love the line, ”I am a HUMAN DALEK! I am YOUR FUTURE!”

4. The New Master (Utopia)

I didn’t know a the time about the Master, I think i knew about the companions and the Doctor but it was a cool experience and gives the episode a strong finish.

3. Orient Express? (The Big Bang)

The Pond trio reunite and start travelling against pprarently to a space train. SPOILERS: THEY DON’T! IT’S IN  A LATER EPSIDOE!

I love it and the way everyone is happy again ad foreshadowing Mummy on the Orient Express

2. Trapped On Krop Tor (The Impossible Planet)

Four groups in danger. The Doctor and Ida watch he seal open, Rose, Jefferson and the female guard are trapped by the advancing Ood. Danny runs away after the Ood murder the male guard and Zach attempts to stop Krop Tor falling into the Black Hole. I love it and Rose is determined to escape and I like that.

1. River Song’s Identity (A Good Man Goes To War)

I was shocked and was like What? & probably the biggest surprise and later the Doctor joins her family which a really huge.

What is your favourite Doctor Who historical episodes? Please comment down below or on my twitter @MattPeterJodie1.