The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon Review

Series 6 started very strong with the first two parter since Attack of the Cyberman in 1985. It’s one for my favourite openers, sorry Twelve fans. Its lovely, comic and emotional and starts of a story arc which I am unsure about.

The episode is quite complicated but I feel emotionally connected as it’s my era and my style especially when the Doctor ‘dies’ and Steven does another great episode and its one of the to parters that doesn’t suffer from loads of problems.

My star would be Alex Kingston as this probably when she begins to win me over as a fan which is very important for a storyline as I am shocked when her identity is announced but I will explain it another day. Love the style she has in this episode as its amazing and makes her more of an adventurer like in s5. The last scene of River means a lot as I ship 11/River and 12/River than 10/Rose as this makes 10’s era so soap opera and too lovey dovey which places this so low below the others. The kiss is so emotional but if you have watched the River storyline from the beginning, you will be moved and you don’t need to watch the three minisodes she appears in if you are not a River fan but have followed the TV appearances i to get their relationship unless you love them so much like i do and can learn more about the character especially after the S6 finale but this scene is just very well created.

The scene where the Doctor dies is my highlight of it because everyone puts their heart to it and I can feel it in a emotional scene which once again I don’t feel in 10’s era, great actor but not the taste I require for a great episode as I think they make a big fuss and it’s a irritating for me to watch as a fan.

The Silence are scary in this one and forgetting them in the Tory is a like a great threat a you don’t know they are there and the TARDIS crew making something that can help them remember the Silence adds a great effect especially for Canton Everett Delaware The III who is a great guest character in this series.

Best opener in the revival series and era, scary but I love it!

Score: 10/10