The Doctor’s Wife Review – London Comic Con Special 3

An episode with a great story line without the use of the main series arc. Suranne  Jones was the main guest star as Idris alongside Michael Sheen as the House. Also, the Ood returned by for the first time, there was only one Ood names Nephew who didn’t look like a normal one but had green eyes but were looked like the ones when they were possessed. The episode was written by debuting Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman who is a legend.

The story plot is fantastic with the TARDIS being stolen away and placed into a human host which is poor Idris then Amy and Rory are trapped in the TARDIS and have to fight off house but luckily the Doctor and Idris catch up when thy can access the TARDIS once the Ponds have lowered the shields and distributing Nephew in the process by crushing him (Sorry if I offended anyone there). After a battle of words between the Doctor and House, Idris is able to bring the TARDIS into its original control room and gives a emotional farewell which I prefer to Instead of Angels and Name in S7 which make him sound like 10 with  isn’t great. But the end scene, when the TARDIS responds the The Doctor’s request, it makes it end so magically.

This is Matt Smith at his best in the series as it makes himstand out despite him being 28 at the time of filming that episode ,  he performed so well. Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill do another great job with  their chemistry in this episode as we see Rory die twice but not real, thank goodness but it’s quite dark as he is quite rude as an old man (Bad man, apologise to her at ONCE!) and he is seen as a skeleton and those threatening messages trying mess up the his wife.

An episode I would recommend to watch and is one of the higher ranked stories for me in S6.

Score: 10/10