S11 Boxsets and DVD Review

S11 is over and we have to wait till 2020 for S12 but we have the full box set of Jodie Whittaker’s first ever Series. Some people like it whilst some people don’t like it. I love their series and please if you haven’t read it, click the link below to see my opinions on the series:

Leigh Talks: What do I think about S11 – 100th Post Special

You can buy either the DVD, BluRay or Steelbox boxset. All box sets have 4 promo pictures of all 4 regulars but the only difference is the DVD/BluRay and Steelbox covers and boxset.


The cover is a graphic picture of the first  promo picture over The Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz with the background being a variety of different places they have visited during S11 and the boxset inside is the second promo picture with one regular on each side.

DVD/BluRay Boxset


The cover is one of the original photos which was released in February 2018  with the back including the 3 companions which I have only just seen in the Steelbook and this photo was actually taken by Shaun Dooley who played Epzo in The Ghost Monument in South Africa when they were filming in January 2018. I think Shaun did a great job and he should be proud of this and people like me love the photo. Well done Shaun. Both sides of the boxset inside the cover are the second promo picture.

Steelbox Boxset

My review of the DVD Boxset

I love the design and it’s very colourful and the graphic cover makes it stand out. I am glad they have pictures with it as it allows the fans to decorate their rooms. My only criticism is that their should be more video diaries like the old days as it’s nice to see what the actors do.