Music With Leigh: Series 11 Soundtrack Review

Segun Akinola began his Doctor Who career in S11 and it’s time to review his first ever soundtrack.

I love his music and it’s different to Murray Gold who also did amazing music. Segun brought a modern twist to the show and I actually love it as it’s kind of the music I would listen to.

I think this series was perfect for Segun as he could create new music styles we had never seen on the show like Indian music for Demons of Punjab written by Vinay Patel who was one of the writers who made their debut this series. This episode as you know in my review of Demons of Punjab moved me near the end and it was not only cause of what I saw, it was cause of Segun’s music with the guest composer Shahid Abbas Khan. The episode also had a Indian variation of the theme tune which was amazing and magical and sounded similar to the original. Thank you Shahid for sharing your music.

My highlights of the soundtrack

The New Theme 

This is my favourite theme tune as it’s different to the others and is similar to the original theme tune but a more a modern twist.


I love the electronic and futuristic sounds as it makes the episode theme stand out.

Hollie Buhagiar’s Vocal Pieces (The Doctor and Thirteen)

Hollie sung several times in the tracks The Doctor and Thirteen and she has beautiful vocals. I would love to see her return in the future as she is amazing vocalist and composer. Well Done Hollie!

My Beautiful Ghost Monument

Great scene and beautiful music make me smile and feel the Doctor in The Ghost Monument.

Segun Akinola has made great music for this series and I am looking forward to seeing what he does next!