Leigh Talks – What I think of S11 so far and what can it do to improve

S11 is halfway through and I am now going to review the series and asses how it is doing for a fan perspective.

The regular cast are properly the best thing about S11! They get in well onscreen and offscreen like Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman did And they still do these days. Thanks Peter and Jenna! The step up from 2 friends to 3 which is risky but it’s working for me. I don’t get what people are saying there is too many companions bit the first team was a foursome which worked. Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole are definitely my favourite travelling group as they get along very well. Check out the last scene Arachnids In The UK as that shows that the Doctor is loved and respect by three people who’s lives have changed by a alien who travels the world.

The aliens are OK but even though there is more character development which is working and I love it but it is kind of costing the bad guys time to shine as villain however the Doctors friends have had more development which was a problem last series and could have been better suited for Bill Potts and Nardole but I love them both. Most of the bad guys have a good backstory but it needs more of an effect to be a good villain.

I am not a fan of Historicals but Rosa turned a new leaf after a successful story written by Malorie Blackman and the other two do look promising so it looks good for S11 which last series actually did quite well with especially Thin Ice. Chibnall has brought back Historical characters like Rosa Parks In Rosa and James I in the Witch Finders which we are yet to see.

Here is my current episode rankings

  1. The Women Who Fell To Earth 10/10
  2. The Ghost Monument 10/10
  3. The Tsungara Conundrum 10/10
  4. Arachnids of the UK 9/10
  5. Rosa 9/10

What does S11 need to do to improve

Give Jodie some more time to develop and give her Doctor a moment to shine.

The bad guys need a proper defeat as it’s starting to feel like a near repeat of S5 and that is what I don’t want at as it worked well the first time.

If there is a story arc, give us a story arc and not make us suspicious like the Timeless Child and if there a Stenza story arc as they haven’t been mentioned since The Ghost Monument and if there is something, don’t keep it a secret till the finale, that makes it less interesting and more boring.

Chris Chibnall must let the finale be thrilling and interesting and not boring as recent finales have been thrilling but some have had well worked risks which had a few flaws. He needs to use his Torchwood experience to make it great.

Yaz to get to some proper development in Demons of Punjab as she has been receiving a lot of negative comments on the fact that she hasn’t had chance to shine and this is the perfect time to do so with a Historical about her family.

Continue impressing with Historicals this series as they are upping their game and are doing well.

I think this will be one of my favourite series but will more likely finish 3rd behind Series 5 and 3 if the finale doesn’t do well but also has to depend on if the Standalone approach continues to work.