It can’t be perfect all the time – Can You Hear Me? Review

I have to be honest, I was ruined certain elements because of the Metro leak “STOP LEAKING THINGS METRO! GET A GRIP ON YOUR SCHEDULE!” This leak also made me feel I was not going to enjoy the episode. Now, this was the episode I wasn’t fond of & that’s ok cause we need that blip episode at some point.

My main issue is the villains. I have had a issue with the villains for a while since S11 but they were scary, they had a motive but WHY WERE THEY SO ANNOYING? WHY? It just wasn’t enjoyable but I was scared but it wasn’t enough & it didn’t have the comic factor and I was complaint at the screen. It was going to happen eventually but its ok to have episode with a blip.

People have been comparing AGAIN and WHAT IS PEOPLE’S PROBLEM? Nontheless friends, I didn’t have a problem with the whole mental health, bullying & social awkwardness stuff. I felt sympathy for Tibo, Yaz, Ryan, Graham and the Doctor which is a good sign for me cause I have been bullied, I am not good social but I care for others and this why this episode works for me. I understand it won’t works for everyone who didn’t read into this and it’s DIVISIVE.

Love Jodie Whittaker here. The vulnerability works for her here and shows she needs her friends and the way she taught those Immortals a lesson was comic gold as they get to experience what she and her friends and humans affected by this monster. The last scene is really important as I explained as a Time Lord, she can’t experience or understand what Graham has gone through. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor had the same issue but his more physically seen so maybe Jodie’s is trying to avoid making that mistake. Another example, Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble in Unicorn and the Wasp, messes up when talking to Agatha Christie who appreciates her kindness. It can work differently on how you view it.

Mandip Gill finally gets a backstory for Yaz. When you think that horrible Izzy Flint did all that bullying to her, it makes you feel, “SHE NEEDS TO GET HER IDEAS SORTED,” but it makes me feel like Yaz deserved better and the fact that her sister saved her makes their relationship more special than we have seen previously. If it wasn’t for Sonya’s call, Yaz would never have travelled in space & time. I was a bit mad at her Police Women originally i the nightmare but I am glad the real one helped Yaz see she could change her life for ever and this is why I love Yaz, she never gave up and it made her better person.

Bradley Walsh definitely had a phenomenal performance and the fact that he was scared he would get ill again and the nightmare with Grace making him feel bad as we know she couldn’t be saved and gave her life to stop the Gathering Coil. This helps his character and his chat with the Doctor, he appreciate that she was listening and glad they talked which was amazing to share with other.

I have been praising Tosin Cole significantly for Ryan Sinclair’s compassion throughout his tenure and this is the 3rd episode in s row where this guy is a inspiration as he helps Timor and gets him help which is successful and this is why we need Ryan in the show and I think this is he biggest strength.

I think this story had a good plot point even thought I didn’t enjoy it as much but the fact that there are loads of special moments in there and I think Aruhan Galieva’s Tahira was used very well but I would have loved to seen a bit more of her.

Leigh’s Question:

Why is the Doctor scared about the Timeless Child?

I think she is hiding a secret and the finale will solve that.

But a good story.

Score; 8/10