Why I love futuristic stories

I love stories that are set in a future as they are great to watch and am often excited whenever we get one.

What kind of topics should you expect in episode set in the future?

– Different settings as if it’s set on a spaceship or space station every time, it would get quite boring and we want different setting so luckily, there are loads if different settings.

– Alien planets are not done to often but when used, it has to be something in the story that describes the planets past and give them chance to shine.

– Human.caused problems as these  are interesting stories as we learn about what trouble humankind can do in the near future but often can cause controversy.

– Base Under Siege are more common as it has a base being attacked by aliens.

The main settings are on a spaceship or a space station or alien planets. I can’t decide which one is best as I love these types of episodes. The best thing is the alien races as they have different looks and different plots and it’s easy to get me hooked on these types of episodes.

Most of my favourite episodes are set in the future as have some amazing storylines that impress me.  One of these is base under siege stories. An example of this is Oxygen, it’s a different type of space station and very different plot, they use zombies but make I much scarier than previous episodes with zombies and uses killer spacesuits as a different way to create zombies.

Bill and The Doctor on Chasm Forge Space Station

I love future stories as it’s develop new ideas and show them on screen. New aliens and new costumes to be seen. Future stories can also have vehicles based after historical events or books or vehicles like the Orient Express in space. All S11 future stories were amazing and has some amazing names like Kandoka or Mabli and hoping future stories in Doctor Who that are set in the future and space!

If you haven’t seen the historical discussion with Laurel E Rockfellar, here is the link down below on out separate opinions on Historicals.

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