S11 and 12 News – September 2018

.Doctor Who S11 will begin on Sunday 7th October. This is a change from Saturday nights where the show usually airs. Chris Chibnall has stated in a press release, “New Doctor, new home! ‘Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is about to burst into Sunday nights — and make the end of the weekend so much more exciting. ‘Get everybody’s homework done, sort out your Monday clothes, then grab some special Sunday night popcorn, and settle down with all of the family for Sunday night adventures across space and time.”

My option is even though we have to wait a day which we will get used to, I am more than happy with the switch up and as we know the BBC have let the show down with scheddsuling in the Peter Capaldi era and loads of fans have been angry with it especially the Twelve fans. It upsets me with all the hate and people abandoning him in favour of younger fellows in anwards. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I am glad they are taking the risk as Jodie Whittaker is probably the Doctor I have been hyped about the most and I have high hopes and I want people to love her and it looks like she will be staying from recent videos and news.

S12 has been confirmed by a costume designer to start filming in November 2018 which looks promising for an Autumn start date next year. Jodie has said she moight be staying and its in this video below….


S12 latest rumour is that Jodie wil get a alien love interest hoovered the Sun originally said Bill Potts but the recent names is Rose Tyler and I think that is false and now the instagram account has put a picture of Rose but I am not warming to the idea and she had a happy ending in Journey’s End 10 years ago so please let it be someone else!

That is it for the updates today!