Leigh’s Top 7 things to look forward to Series 11

Hi! I am now going to choose 7 things to look forward to in S11 of Doctor Who

7. New Showrunner

Chris Chibnall has had a big break since his last story for Doctor awho but Broadchurch has given him the opportunity to rub a show before doing Doctor Who. He is the one who cast Jodie as the reason why we are getting a female Doctor. Excited for him despite a few concerns 

6. A LGTB Companion 

Second series in a row for LGTB companion and am interested to see if they will improve on last series as it worked but it wasn’t enough for me but I am intrigued but hoping it’s better handled.

5. New Writers and Directors

5 new writers and 4 new Directors will join the crew. There are 4 females which is improvement but still male dominated though. I am most looking forward to Malorie Blackman, great writer.

4. Historicals 

I am excited but nervous as Historicals don’t tend to be well received by me but some do so it’s interesting to see if these will be better than the past ones.

3. New Theme Tune and Composer

Segun Akinola is our newest compose and will compose the new theme tune possible be debuting in The Ghost Monument and music for S11 which will be brilliant and we know Segun will be a as great as Murray Gold

2. Three Companions 

Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole are the reason why I am hyped now, the last trailer, these look like they are going to be a great team and Chibnall has teases family with the 4 travellers dynamic but I am looking for teamwork which was lost a bit in S10 so this looks good.

1. Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor

I am excited for Jodie and every since her reveal but first scene, I have seen potential to do well and this looks like this could be her best performance yet and what I have heard makes me happy and as long as it’s better than previous series, I will be giving it high praise.

That what I am looking forward to on Sunday 7th October for 10 weeks of new adventures! Oh Brilliant!