Leigh’s Rankings: Top 5 Moments in Series 12 (DWWW Spring Takeover)

Once again, I would love to share my favourite moments but for S12 this time

My Honourable Mentions

The Name’s Doctor, The Doctor

Love the scene. I like the resonance to James Bond as it was a Spy centered story but this stood out. Also the Doctor straightening her bow tie and saying “Shall We?” A good scene.

Gabriela and Ryan in the TARDIS

These two are so adorable and this chat is amazing and the bond is cute.

My Top 5 moments

5. The Doctor, Ada and Noor in Noor’s House

The cutest all female trio in a tv show and the Doctor reassuring  the girls is so cute. I love them so much and I feel people are way harsh on these memory wipes. But I would call them Bond 3.

4. The Doctor and Tesla Bond

This is cute and out of this world. As I have said, the historical figures have been better in this series even if they are not used as much, they are still good. The way they are different like me makes me enjoy and appreciate this scene.

3. Yaz gets independent

I have comment of Yaz development a lot and this is why Yaz has rose from borderline Top 5 to Top 3. Especially when she and Gabriella headed off to investigate and are distracted by following the masked figure and surviving without being infected with Praxeus or getting killed. I love Yaz for this and to see her try and prove herself which people have been complaing.

2. The Doctor discovers Gallifrey and the Master reveals the truth

I think this is a phenomenal scene in Spyfall Part 2. Jodie Whittaker and Sacha Dhawan bring it up to another level. This was probably the start of Jodie delivering the darker performances which is her strength in S12 which people prefer over S11 but I disagree as I have a huge respect for S11 but this is the best performance which allows me to respect Jodie and Sacha as great actors.

1. The Doctor’s friend are there for her

I love team TARDIS and this scene shows why the family vibe works for them and the way they want help the Doctor and this reflects later in this swerves when they want to help her but she doesn’t want them in danger which I think reflects that scene but that scene reflects that she really needs them a lot and that is what helps contribute  to why of  the Judoon is a game changer and a good episode.

That’s my Top 5 moments for S12!