Leigh’s Rankings (MAY 2020 Edition) – Top 5 Revival Guest Characters

I will now reveal my top 5 favourite guest stars of the revival series in the show.

Top 5 Favourite Guest Stars

5. Ellie Wallwork (Hanne)

Love the character of Hanne, she doesn’t let her issues affect her,e specially knowing the Trine Solitract is her mum to transport her back to the Antizone. Love Ellie too, great actress and love the representation which helps the character’s story.

4. Jovian Wade (Rigsy)

Defintely loyal and thinks about himself other than others but his graffiti wants helped save te world using the Boneless energy to their advantage.

3. Sylvie Briggs (Ada Lovelace)

A talented young lady, uses her strength to stop the Master at one point and the Doctor brings wonders to her eyes.

2. Goran Vesjlenic (Nikola Tesla)

Inspirational character to me. Me him often have ideas but don’t get interest but we both overcome our fears.

1. Joana Borja (Gabriela Camera)

We are both impressed with what we see, both bloggers and have questions and I just find her adorable. Just love Gabriela so much.

What is your favourite Doctor Who guest characters? Please comment down below or on my twitter @MattPeterJodie1.