54 years of Who: The Edge Of Destruction Review

This is one of my favourite classic Who stories and its format is similar to Heaven Sent as we have our 4 leads (1, Susan,  Barbara and Ian) stuck in a bad TARDIS and has less cast members which is just the 4 leads. This is a 2 parter.

Just like the plot we had in Series 8 episodes with 12 and Clara (Episode 7 and 8), this one has a similar theme but with a different idea, it’s Barbara who is mad and in Part 1, she stands up to him but in Part 2 he threatens to throw Ian and Barbara off but soon realise his mistakes.

At the start, there is an explosion that throws the travellers on the ground and they all wake up one by one suffering from amnesia (Except the Doctor Who is still unconscious with a wound to his head) and all act strangely except Barbara.

This episode has one of the most controversial scenes where Susan attacks Ian and Barbara with a pair of scissors which is also  scary scene as I like the way Susan is scared an the paranoid behaviour forms inside her. Also, the way they don’t trust another scares you to bits and the music as well and the effects.

The stand out star is Barbara Wright as we see her help the crew work out the clues and one of Jacqueline Hill’s best performances on the show,

Going back to similar ideas at the end of Mummy on the Orient Express, The Doctor makes an heartfelt  to fix his relationship when with Barbara when says “as we learn about each other, we learn about ourselves,” it just shows he just gonna be one a different man and Barbara decides to come out after the Doctor’s  explanation. I feel he has changed when the  Doctor says, “we must look after you, you’re very valuable,” to Barbara, he has now grown round of human beings and this starts his fondness for Earth. He helps her with the coat and leads her out. WHAT A GENTLEMAN!

First Doctor and Barbara finally get along

Now, we must talk about Chesterton. After Barbara chases Susan to play a round of Snowballs, Ian finds out the Doctor’s coat is from Gilbert and Sullivan which is the first name drop of the series. THE MAN HAS GOT CLASS. Ian then becomes the gentleman just before Susan reveals a footprint in the ground which leads into the next episode which is sadly MISSING!

This is an episode that I would recommend you’d watch before Christmas as it show how he changed from a grumpy old man to a hero.

I love it so much!

Score: 10/10