Leigh Talks: What Do I Think Of S5 (10 years since S5)

Series 5 was probably the launch of international fandom for Doctor Who. New team consisting of the youngest actor to play the role and a amazing Scottish actress on the rise to stardom.

Matt Smith is a charmer, he just brought something new. At the time, I was mesmerised as he shows funny quirks lie the whole Bow Tie thing which he brings back. David Tennant wore one in episodes he dressed up and the last one was basically Jon Pertwee in his later series. First series is amazing for Matt and a fairytale story.

The legend which is Karen Gillan. Looking back to her career in the past and now as a Hollywood star. Especially a lead role in Jumanji Sequel with  Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart as the Jumanji Dream Team.  This was the perfect start after her guest starring in Fires of Pompeii just like Matt’s successor Peter Capaldi. In this first series, I still think she is at her best in this series its her story more and when Rory comes in, it kind of helps her more but I feel like she is amazing in the finale.

Arthur Darvill made himself a name here, even though he is not a regular till S6, I find him a iconic legend with his lines. His character doesn’t have a great effect till S6 but he does good as a recurring character with not the greatest purpose though but he is till good.

I was surprised when Alex Kingston returned to the show but he was better than her first appearance in both two parters and I feel she is more of a plot point here and in S6 too. Love Alex ad is a great asset to the series.

Cracks in the universe is the most intriguing story arc in Moffat’s era. The way it appears throughout space even though some appear after he leaves but he does notice a few on the Byzantium and in the Silurian habitat under Cwmtaff. The series has a cliffhanger than isn’t solved until 2014 with Peter’s Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) in a episode called Mummy On The Orient Express.

The the episodes are strong and some of popular of the episode don’t resonate with me like Vincent and the Doctor on a number of reasons and Amy’s Choice but some episodes that do make a impact is Time of the Angels and Flesh and Stone and there is something creepy and intriguing about it that allow me to enjoy it and the moment Oh kind of creates a comedy effect.

3 things I would improve:

1. Tone the romance in Vincent and the Doctor

2. The Doctor’s appeal in Lodger to Craig

3. Given Rory a little more of a impact.

I love S5 and it was a great series with a great cast.