Questions I Have About Flux

Doctor Who: Flux began on Halloween and I have some questions which will be updated through Flux.

What issue does Swarm have with the Doctor?

The Doctor must have encountered them before the memory wipe when she was done dirty by the Division.

What do they want with Diane?

Diane is a normal human unless there is something hidden which is a theme since Spyfall. Why would the Swarm use her as bait? Intrigued to find out.

Who is Vinder

We as the viewer now Vinder as a fighter pilot and a man of honour who was forced to evacuate Outpost Rose because of the Flux. Is he a good guy or is her a member of the Division as fans have mentioned.

What Is The Division?

We know that they try to interfere when need carry and we know hey remove your memories. What truths will the Doctor find out? What had possessed them do wipe heir memory?

Who is Claire?

Claire knows the Doctor but the Doctor does’t know her yet. Similar to the River Song situation. Minutes later, she is sent somewhere by a Weeping Angels? Why would the Angels be wanting her.

Why are multiple aliens involved?

There are multiple aliens from Sontarans to Angels who are intrigued by the Flux but why?

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